Ukraine Emergency

Toll-free number   800 93 88 73

Every day from 8am to 8pm

Ukrainian citizens arriving

Arriving people can stay freely for 90 days on Italian territory, starting from the date of the stamp on entry at the border. Beyond this period they can apply for a residence permit valid for one year, and renewable. If they do not have a valid passport, they must contact the Ukrainian Consulate in Rome as soon as possible, to obtain an identity document with temporary validity, necessary to access all public services.


The Ukrainian Embassy is located in Via Guido d’Arezzo 9, contacts: phone +39 06 841 2630 – Fax +39 06 854 7539, email [email protected] and receives from Monday to Friday from h. 08,30 to h. 12,30 and from h. 13,30 to h. 17,30. The Ukrainian Consulate telephone is +39 06 8200 3641.


If the citizens arriving are guests of relatives or friends, within 48 hours they must go, with a document, to the police station in the area, together with one of the hosts, to make the Declaration of Presence and Hospitality (the forms are distributed by the police station ). If people are guests in hotels or other accommodation facilities, these will provide all the necessary information.


If you decide to stay, before the expiry of 90 days from the date of entry into Italy, citizens can apply for a residence permit at the Immigration Office of the Rome Police Headquarters, located in Via Teofilo Patini 23, and it can be contacted by telephone (Monday to Friday from h. 8,00 to h. 20,00, Saturdays from h. 8,00 to h. 14,00) +39 06 4686 3911+39 06 4686 4100+39 06 4686 5050 or you can write to the email to [email protected]